Miscellaneous - having various qualities, aspects, or subjects

(aka - a random glimpse into my life as a newlywed, dog mom, homeowner and photographer)

I’m all about celebrating the little victories and all the little things that make us "us".  Whether they be personal or professional, my plan is to share those little victories (or sometimes fails!).  And if I want to document your life and some of your firsts it only makes sense for me to share mine with you too!

Little Victory…

~My husband Lee and I went for a drive yesterday in my MINI Cooper convertible for the first time this year!  There’s nothing better than fresh air and sunshine (and my hair getting destroyed)

It finally feels like spring here in Connecticut!!  As of last week there was still snow on the ground (check out my instagram if you don’t believe me!) and even though this warm weather (it’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow!) may be short lived this week, I’m not going to complain one bit!  And I have to give him bonus points too because he vacuumed and cleaned all of our cars on Sunday as well!

So This Happened…

~ I decided that Miscellaneous Monday had a fun ring to it and that it would be a good title for ongoing posts.  Then I quickly google’d to make sure I was spelling miscellaneous correctly.  It may be shortened to Misc Monday.

~ Lee and I are getting a fireplace installed (yes I know I did just say it’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow).  We went to a local woodshop and got a 300 year old piece of reclaimed wood that we are going to be using for the mantle.  Photos coming soon of the whole process!

~ I made it through this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy without crying!  The last two episodes left me crying uncontrollably (cue the ugly cry)

Looking Forward To…

~ I booked a wedding for this September and it’s on a Thursday!  Yay for Thursday weddings and for them being one of the sweetest couples.  I cannot wait!

The Little Things...

I can’t finish out this post without acknowledging that it’s National Sibling Day.  I know some of the “national days” seem pointless and gimmick-y but when I hear about one that I want to partake in I’m all for it!  He actually deserves an entire post all about his amazing-ness, but this day can’t go by without me celebrating my brother Kyle.  He’s the best big brother that I could ever ask for and no matter how long it’s been I’m still referred to as “Kyle’s sister”.  (I ran into someone two weeks ago who I hadn’t seen in about ten years and only a few minutes went by before my brother’s name came up).  No matter how old we get, he always has and always will call me his baby sister and I love him more than anything.  And since every post is better with a picture here is a picture me, ugly cry and all, at my wedding last year after he gave a surprise speech that left many in tears. 

 wedding toast pictures at white barn at south farms in morris connecticut
 wedding toast pictures at white barn at south farms in morris connecticut

photos by Carla Ten Eyck