I have had the greatest pleasure of knowing the Porco family for years.  This is the 6th year they have hosted the Jordan’s Journey Gala with the theme “Extending The Hand Of Hope.”  The Jordan Porco Foundation was founded in 2011 by Ernie and Marisa Porco after they lost their son, Jordan, to suicide when he was a freshman in college.

 Jordan's Journey 2017 - Kate Lauren Studios

In their grief, Jordan’s parents learned the unacceptable statistics surrounding mental health and suicide in the young adult population, and decided they needed to turn their grief into action so that other families would never have to experience such a profound loss.

The Jordan Porco Foundation is committed to preventing suicide in the high school, college and college entry student population.  Through awareness, education, and innovative programming, JPF is challenging stigma around mental health and help-seeking, creating open conversations about he prevalence of suicide and mental health issues in the young adult population, and saving lives.

The 2017 gala was nothing short of spectacular.  Over 800 guests gathered at Foxwoods Casino.  The keynote speech by Kevin Hines was so moving.  Many of you probably don’t know his story, but I highly encourage you to read about him.  The night consisted of a performance by the School of Hartford City Ballet, silent auction, live auction, MCs Renee DiNino and Mark the Shark and awards presentations to numerous deserving schools and individuals helping to bring awareness to such a meaningful cause. 

To view/order images from this event you can click here!

To view/order images from this event you can click on this link! Jordan's Journey Images